Vivatar drive

Vivatar drive - the emergency call system for the fastest first aid

No eCall? Then upgrade your car - and be simply safe in an accident.

Your cell phone rings. A deer in the street. A slippery road. An accident can occur in no time.

Sometimes every second counts - especially in a situation where you aren’t able to call for help yourself.

That's why we developed Vivatar drive, the retrofit SOS call system. Simply download the app, plug the cable into your car's 12 V socket and pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

From now on, Vivatar drive will recognize every accident and automatically call for help to the right place via the Bosch emergency call assistant.

The black Vivatar drive plug of the Bosch emergency call system for plugging into the 12 V socket of the car.

Works in 11 European countries

As well as in Germany, you can also use the service in: Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

In all of these countries, you have a competent German-speaking (and English-speaking) emergency call helper on the phone, who stays with you while the first responders on site take care of you.

24/7 access to the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant

The Bosch Emergency Call Assistant team is available around the clock: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy installation thanks to plug & play

All you have to do is download the free Vivatar drive app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to your smartphone. First, you sign up in the app.

Then you can connect the Vivatar drive plug with the app. For this, the plug must be plugged into the 12 V socket of your vehicle and be supplied with power.

Follow the instructions in the app and enter your vehicle details.

At the end of the registration process for the plug, access for the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant will be automatically unlocked.

For up to five people

One plug, protection for your whole family: The Vivatar drive plug can be used by up to five people at the same time. The only requirement: Everyone needs to have the app installed on their phone.

With digital emergency passport

In the app, you can store all medically-relevant data, such as allergies, chronic diseases or your blood type. This will help rescue workers avoid complications and help you as effectively as possible in an emergency.

High data security

No data transmission except in an emergency: Your information is simply stored locally on your phone.

Only in the event of an emergency will the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant forward your exact GPS data and emergency data to rescue services or your personal helpers to help you faster.

Secure my Vivatar drive now

First aid? From now on always on board

An automatic emergency call can save lives

Vivatar drive. Fireman helps an unconscious woman after an accident in car
Vivatar drive - for fastest first aid in an accident situation

4% fewer fatalities and 6% fewer serious injuries. These are the estimates that the European Commission to make eCall obligatory in all new cars. Does not sound like much? Well, with 25,300 traffic deaths in 2017, that's 1,012 families who did not have to receive the shocking devastating news. And that's 1,518 people who would have suffered less as a result of accidents.

The fact is: Almost a quarter of all accidents happen on country roads. But these are often serious. That is where 55% of all traffic victims were killed in 2017. This is why time is of the essence. But in rural areas it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact location, and so vital help is dispatched too late.

Vivatar drive. The paramedics quickly reach the accident car.
Vivatar drive - the emergency call system helps to relay the exact location

Rescue teams therefore need longer time than desired to reach the scene of an accident. Every second counts. And what if no help is called at all? An experiment has shown that nine out of ten drivers pass the scene of an accident. That is a fatal fact for accident victims who cannot help themselves.

With an automatic emergency call system, help is on the way quickly and reliably: and it has been estimated by the EU study that, with it, rescue workers arrive 50% faster on rural roads and 40% in urban areas.

This is how the emergency call system works
Emergency call and data transmission
Rescue aid
The plug


  • Vivatar drive registers a collision
  • Automatic transmission of the accident to the Bosch emergency assistant

Emergency call and data transmission

Emergency call and data transmission

  • Exact location
  • Direction of travel
  • Profile information for the vehicle
  • Severity of the accident

Rescue aid

Rescue aid

  • The Bosch emergency call assistant informs the rescue center
  • Appropriate help will be sent immediately

The plug

The plug

State-of-the-art sensors and intelligent algorithms automatically detect an accident and its severity. Thanks to plug & play with plug and app Vivatar drive is immediately active and fits into any standard 12V socket. The USB connection secures the power supply of the smartphone.

Emergency call and data transmission
Emergency call and data transmission
Rescue aid
Rescue aid
The plug
The plug
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A fast rescue chain can save lives. So we welcome SOS call systems such as Vivatar drive, which can reduce the serious consequences of accidents.

Daniel Schüle, Deutsche Verkehrswacht

Reserve my Vivatar drive now

When you buy the Vivatar drive plug, you automatically get access to the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant. There are the following options:

  • €49.99 (RRP), Vivatar drive plug incl. 1-month access to the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant
  • €79.99 (RRP), Vivatar drive plug incl. 12-month access to the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant
  • You can extend the Bosch Emergency Call Service with a voucher from our shop: e.g. €39.99 for another 12 months.

That you should know

Vivatar drive is currently only available to users of German mobile networks. If a call for help is made, you will be charged network provider for the landline tariff and, if applicable, for text messages for transmitting your emergency data and GPS position (if there is no data connection). In order to enjoy full functionality, a 3G data connection is necessary.

Continued use of GPS in the background can significantly reduce battery life.

Do you want to know how we keep your data safe and secure? You can find out more here.

All further information can be found in the FAQ.

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