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the personal guardian angel for on the way

The smart everyday companion for you and your family

Whether you are traveling alone at night in an unfamiliar area in Rome, mastering sports challenges in the French alps, or are simply interested in when your partner will be home after work – virtual proximity and knowing others are OK often take a back seat. At the same time, constantly inquiring and reassuring yourself can be exhausting in the long run. This is exactly where Vivatar can help to simplify day-to-day communication – available in eleven european countries.

The free Vivatar app lets you and your designated contacts share your current location with one another wherever you happen to be. In this way, everyone who needs to know is informed where you are without having to ask, and can summon help if necessary.

Vivatar gives you certainty and ends the constant "Where are you right now?"

Please mind that Vivatar is only available for users of German mobile service providers.

Be safer with the Bosch emergency service

If your loved ones happen to be out of reach, our staff is there for you around the clock, regardless whether you are calling from Germany, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy or Spain. The Bosch emergency call assistants are also there to help if you encounter difficulties while driving. One call is all it takes to assure your safety.

Please note that Vivatar only works for users who have an account with a German mobile service provider. You can subscribe to the app’s emergency call and support service for just €4.99 a month. You can also use it on other apps and devices. Learn more about this at the Bosch Help Connect website.

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Father and daughter connected via the app Vivatar.

Laura is 19 years old and moved to Spain to study a few months ago. It is especially hard for her father that from a sleepy little village she has ended up in the metropolis of Barcelona. He worries about her, but at the same time doesn’t want to bug her with constant messages and restrict her freedoms. For the past few weeks, they have been using the “Locations” and “Status” functions in Vivatar. Like this, Laura's father automatically receives a notification as soon as she has reached or left one of her custom locations (shared apartment, university, gym etc.).

It’s a win-win: Laura doesn’t have to constantly keep in touch and her father can let his daughter live her life with peace of mind.

Control without restriction. Great!

Daughter and her father virtually conencted.

At 78, William describes himself as a sprightly pensioner. Except for a few little niggles, he is in good health and very much enjoys staying independent. While his daughter Susanne is happy about this, of course she has her concerns. What if her father takes a fall on one of his walks in the countryside? She is also worried about longer car journeys, especially in European foreign countries, since Heinz’ foreign language skills are not good. The perfect solution for the two of them is now Vivatar’s accompaniment function: Susanne can track her father’s whereabouts in real time via GPS, while at the same time allowing him to maintain his independence.

And, even if he doesn’t really want to admit it, William is more relaxed when he’s out and about and enjoys his daughter’s attention.