The Vivatar products at a glance

Vivatar – for all adventures of life

Nowadays, more and more people feel insecure in different situations: when cycling, on the way home or driving a car. Vivatar from Bosch is the answer and supports you in your daily and extraordinary adventures - in eleven European countries.

Vivatar App

Family together at a table looking in the camera.

The Vivatar App is available for free download in the Appstore and in the Playstore. Users can either be accompanied virtually by friends or family or trigger the 2-minute emergency countdown in particularly risky situations. The app can be combined with Vivatar go, a Bluetooth button, for particularly fast and discreet operation.

Vivatar go

Two persons holding a smartphone and a Vivatar go button.

Vivatar go is a Bluetooth button with which the most important functions of the Vivatar App such as the emergency countdown or a direct notification of the Bosch Emergency Assistant can be quickly operated. The button fits into any trouser pocket or can be attached with a clip.

Vivatar drive

Woman holding a Vivatar drive plug in the car.

Vivatar drive is an automatic emergency call system for vehicles without eCall. In the event of an accident, the sensor in the plug registers the impact and automatically sends the information to the Vivatar drive App. This informs the Bosch emergency call assistant, including the location of the accident.