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Vivatar premium

Yes, you need a user account for Vivatar premium. Register with your e-mail address to obtain one.

With Vivatar test-premium it is possible to try Vivatar premium free of charge for 3 days.

You can send an emergency call to the Bosch Emergency Assistant who will get your contact data, emergency ID and your location. You will receive quick and professional help from experts by that.

You can have your password reset and create a new one.

You can use Vivatar premium immediately after your purchase.

If you entered your data incorrectly, you will not receive an activation link from us. Please try again or contact our support via support@vivatar.com.

No, you need credit on your cell phone to call the Bosch Emergency Assistant. You may be charged by your mobile network provider in addition.

No, you do not necessarily need an internet connection. Your data will also be sent as a text message in an emergency.

Protecting your personal data is very important to us. GPS data is transmitted in real time during an accompaniment and deleted thereafter.

There are two different types of an accompaniment: “Accompany me to my destination” and “Accompany me for a while.” Both types of accompaniment have a time limit. Your companions will be informed when you reached the limit.

Your emergency profile data is only stored on your smartphone and will only be forwarded to our Vivatar assistants in an emergency. Please ensure that no one has access to your smartphone by protecting it with a password.

Android and iOS are different operating systems, so the design and some interactions will differ a bit. From iOS 10.3 it won't be possible to set up an automatic call without asking the user which impairs the emergency countdown. The companion will be informed directly to request help but the emergency call will only start if the user confirms it again.