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Product Questions

With our digital guardian angel Vivatar, your friends can accompany you on your way home or if you are doing sports outdoors and feeling unsafe. Your friends are just one touch away because they will see your location for the duration of an accompaniment. The safety of your data is a top priority to us.

Vivatar gives your loved ones and yourself a feeling of safety. Your location is only transmitted for the duration of an accompaniment.

Our team is happy to hear all of your ideas and suggestestions for improvements. Please send a message to support@vivatar.com.

You only need your cell phone number to install Vivatar.

You can already download Vivatar in Germany and England. Soon Vivatar will be available in further countries. As a premium user you can call the Bosch Emergency Assistant in Germany as well as in Austria, if you are a user of a german mobile service provider and have an internet connection.

It is possible to contact the Bosch Emergency Assistant if you have a Vivatar premium user account.

In case of bad GPS reception and data connection the signal may become weaker. In a worst-case scenario, the connection might cut out.

You can use Vivatar from operating systems Android 4.3 and iOS 9.0.

After uninstalling Vivatar your basic account will be automatically deleted after two years. If you prefer an immediate deletion of your account, please contact our support team: support@vivatar.com

Your basic account is based on your cell phone number, so you can only use that account together with that cell phone number. But it is possible to use Vivatar on several cell phones with different basic accounts.

Vivatar recognizes when you get a new number. A message containing a validation code will be send to your new number.

Nothing will change if you get a new cell phone but your cell phone number stays the same. Only if your cell phone number changes too, a reinstallation of Vivatar is needed.

Vivatar needs around 30 MB on an Android operating system.

Restart Vivatar. If it doesn’t solve the problem, restart your cell phone. If you are still having problems after that, please contact our support: support@vivatar.com

The terms and conditions can be found in the menu bar under Legal notice.

Yes, you need an internet connection in order to be accompanied. The GPS transmission and chat function are exchanged via mobile data.