Do you have questions relating to Vivatar Drive? In this section we listed the most frequently asked questions about Vivatar Drive App, Vivatar Drive plug and Vivatar Service and provided answers for you.

Vivatar drive App

Which operating system do I need for the Vivatar drive app?

You can use Vivatar drive with the operating systems Android 6.0 and iOS 11.0 and above.

How can I delete my account?

When you uninstall the Vivatar drive app, your account will automatically be deleted after two years. If you prefer an immediate deletion of your account, please contact the support team: support@vivatar.com.

What do I do if I get a new phone number?

We will be happy to move your account to the new phone number. Please contact us at support@vivatar.com, tell us the phone number you used to register with Vivatar drive and which phone model you are using now.

What do I do if I change my phone and keep my old SIM card?

We will be happy to move your account to your new smartphone. Please contact us at support@vivatar.com, tell us the phone number you used to register with Vivatar drive and which phone model you are using now.

What do I do if I change both my smartphone and my SIM card?

If you change both your phone and your phone number, you will need to reinstall Vivatar drive on your new phone. If you want to move your account (for example, if you have a paid subscription to the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant), please contact us at support@vivatar.com. In order to move the account, we need your old and new phone number as well as the smartphone type, with which you want to start using Vivatar drive.

Are there differences between the behavior of the Vivatar drive when used with IOS or Android?

Yes, there are. In the case of Android smartphones, a call for the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant will be set up immediately and actively after activation by the Vivatar drive - provided that Vivatar has been granted access to the call app. For iOS devices, Vivatar requests a callback from the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant, as Apple blocks an automatic call without explicit user confirmation. A callback is also requested on Android devices if call permission is missing.

Does the Vivatar drive app on my smartphone work with a "custom ROM" operating system (for example, OxygenOS, CanyogenMod, LineageOS)?

We cannot guarantee complete functionality of the Vivatar app in the case of smartphones equipped with such a "custom ROM" operating system. Optimal use can be guaranteed with the operating systems Android 6.0 and iOS 11.0 or higher.

Does my Vivatar drive also work with a rooted smartphone?

We cannot guarantee complete functionality of the Vivatar drive solution on rooted smartphones. Optimal use can be guaranteed with the operating systems Android 6.0 and iOS 11.0 or higher.

Vivatar drive Plug

What should I do if my Vivatar drive plug is defective?

In that case, please contact the dealer where you bought the plug.

I bought the Vivatar drive plug from a dealer. What do I have to do now?

You'll need to download the Vivatar drive app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS) for your smartphone. Then you open the app and sign up. After registering you can connect the Vivatar drive plug with the app. For this, the plug must be plugged into the 12 V socket of your vehicle and be supplied with power. Follow the instructions to install the plug in the app and enter your vehicle details. At the end of the registration process for the plug, access for the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant will be automatically unlocked.

What material is used for the case?

All 4 parts of the TEP are made of ABS. ABS is the abbreviation for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer and is a thermoplastic, in other words plastic that is deformable within a certain temperature range. It is characterized by high stability and impact resistance and is particularly scratch-resistant due to its hard surface.

How big is the Vivatar drive plug? What dimensions does the device have?

  • Diameter 33.9 mm
  • Length: 63.3 mm; Length including pin for + 12V power: 69.6 mm
  • Volume: 72.745 cm³
  • Weight: 20 g"

What is the loading capacity of the system? What is the loading capacity of the system?

The USB charging socket of the Vivatar drive connector delivers up to 1.5 A of charging current. It is able to charge all popular smartphones. Depending on the connected device and use and depending on the increase in temperature of the Vivatar drive, the charging current to be supplied may be regulated down to 0.5 A in order to prevent overheating and to ensure reliable accident detection.

Which charging standards does the Vivatar drive plug support?

The Vivatar drive supports the DCP (Dedicated Charging Port) standard for USB, which allows most devices to charge quickly via the USB port.

What is the power source for the device?

In order to use the Vivatar drive plug, your vehicle must have a free 12 V socket (cigarette lighter, standard: SAE J563). To ensure the unrestricted functionality of the Vivatar drive plug, this socket should be in the immediate vicinity of the driver, for example in the center console. This allows the LED to be easily checked for its current operating status.

How many users can use the same device?

The Vivatar drive plug can be used by 5 people at the same time. But they must first install the Vivatar drive app (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Can the Vivatar drive plug be connected to any smartphone?

The Vivatar drive plug has been tested with a number of reference phones (Android and iPhone). It was also found to be Bluetooth enabled in CETECOM tests. Individual phones may experience problems depending on your Android or iOS version. We support iOS version 11.0 or higher and Android version 6.0 or higher.

How long does the Vivatar drive plug stay online / switched on when the car is parked?

The Vivatar drive plug switches to a power-saving mode after 1 hour. The Vivatar drive plug continues to detect shocks with its accelerometer. Therefore, the Vivatar drive plug automatically returns to normal operation after detecting a shock. An example of such a shock is when someone slams the door. In most cars, however, the power of the cigarette lighter is completely switched off with the ignition.

What is printed on the Vivatar drive plug?

What is printed on the Vivatar drive plug?

Can the Vivatar drive plug be used in any 12 V socket in the car?

Basically yes, as long as it complies with the SAE J563 standard. The Vivatar drive plug must also be within the driver's field of vision to detect a malfunction indicated by the LED.

Can I use an extension / multi-outlet adapter cable for the Vivatar drive plug?

No. The Vivatar drive plug may only be plugged into permanently installed sockets. Using an adapter or connection cable will cause the system to malfunction.

Can I connect my navigation system to the Vivatar drive plug?

"When using the USB charging socket on the Vivatar drive plug for other devices, for example an external navigation system, the functionality of the external device may, in rare cases, be limited (for instance the announcement of congestion). For further information please contact the manufacturer of the device.

We support up to 1.5 A via the USB port. But even if the device needs more power, it can be charged. The Vivatar drive plug will not be destroyed."

Do people with pacemakers have to pay special attention?

"The device has a Bluetooth radio unit that operates in the frequency band 2400 - 2480 MHz with a maximum transmission power of 0.13 mW. In exceptional cases, the device may interfere with the operation of medical devices (such as cardiac pacemakers).

People with an implanted medical device should not be near the Vivatar drive port to avoid potential hazards. If necessary, contact the manufacturer of the medical device to determine if it is immune to external high-frequency (for example Bluetooth) radio signals."

Is it possible to use multiple Bluetooth (BT) connections? Can I, for example, use the hands-free device while I use the Vivatar drive plug?

The handling of Bluetooth connections is a feature of your smartphone. The Vivatar drive plug behaves like any other Bluetooth device you are familiar with. Thus, it is possible to simultaneously connect to a navigation system, your car hands-free, your car multimedia system and the Vivatar drive plug. You should search the settings on your smartphone. However, the number of parallel Bluetooth connections at the same time may vary from smartphone to smartphone and from operating system to operating system. Please refer to the user manual of your smartphone.

Can the Vivatar drive plug also be used with motorcycles?

No. The device was developed and tested exclusively for passenger cars. Correct recognition by the device can not be guaranteed.

What happens if the Vivatar drive plug is connected and my car is rammed by another vehicle when it is standing still?

It does not matter if the car is moving or is hit by another car while it is stationary - or something in between: As long as the system is switched on and connected to the smartphone (green LED lights up permanently), the device detects an impact and reports this information to the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant.

Does the device also work outside of Germany?

Vivatar drive can be used when the smartphone is able to dial into a mobile network in Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain or Switzerland. Vivatar drive will not work without sufficient network coverage or an active phone contract. In addition, mobile data and roaming must be switched on. What’s more, the components of the Vivatar drive (Vivatar drive plug and Vivatar drive app on the smartphone) must be connected according to the quick start guide.

I have several cars. Can I connect to different Vivatar drive plugs with the same smartphone?

"If you use several vehicles in the family, it is also possible to purchase several Vivatar drives and equip all cars with a Vivatar drive plug. These have to be purchased separately. In this constellation, it is possible that you can connect one app to several Vivatar drive plugs (but not at the same time).

Note that the service life (1 or 12 months) depends on the Vivatar drive plug. You can also connect to a Vivatar drive plug which is not currently in service, but you will get no permanently lit green service LED on the plug. Only a permanently lit green LED on the Vivatar drive plug signals an actively functioning system. (see also ""Vivatar drive operating states"" in chapter ""4 Installing the Vivatar drive"").

The installation and registration is even easier with the second or third Vivatar drive plug than with the first. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Make sure that only the new plug to be connected is active - i.e. plugged in and supplied with power. If at the moment of connecting a new Vivatar drive plug another plug being used is in the immediate vicinity and is active, it can lead to errors with the connection and the registration."

Vivatar Service

How long does it take after purchasing the Vivatar drive connector until I can use the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant?

You need to connect the Vivatar drive plug to the Vivatar drive app. Then you register the plug on the app and can then use the Bosch emergency call assistant straightaway. Please note that for the registration the plug needs to be powered by your car's 12 Volt socket.

Access to the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant is inactive, although my subscription period has not yet ended. What can I do?

Please contact us directly: support@vivatar.com

Do I need Internet to contact the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant?

Yes, you need a mobile data connection in order to use the full functionality of the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant.

Is the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant available around the clock?

Yes, the Bosch Emergency Assistant team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How can I redeem a voucher?

You can use your voucher in the Vivatar drive app under the option 'Redeem voucher'.

Which forms of payment do you accept in your shop?

Payment is made by credit card or SEPA.

How can I activate the service?

The service will automatically be activated during the initial connection of a newly purchased Vivatar drive plug with the app as part of the setup process of the plug.

Where can I get a coupon code?

You can buy a voucher in our shop in the Vivatar drive app.

You did not find an answer?

If you did not find the answers you were looking for, please feel free to contact our customer service at support@vivatar.com. We will be glad to help you.