Vivatar drive – Data Security

What happens to your data?

Vehicle monitoring, data abuse, unrestricted access? Not with Vivatar drive! The security of your personal data is very important to us at Bosch.

What happens to my data in the Vivatar drive app and where are they stored?

The protection of your personal data is very important to us. Your current location will only be transferred to the Bosch Emergency Assistant when the emergency call is triggered manually or automatically. The data of the vehicle profile is stored on the smartphone and also only in an emergency for the duration of the call to the Bosch emergency assistant passed. If necessary, of course, the agents forward all the necessary information to the emergency services, so they are with you quickly. They do not have access to your phone.

When will my location be transferred and who can see it?

Your position will only be transmitted when the Bosch Emergency Call Assistant is contacted. This happens either manually, so by yourself, or automated, if the Vivatar drive plug has detected a collision.

Are the movements of my car monitored by Vivatar drive?

No. Your location will only be forwarded in the event of an accident or emergency call, and then only to the Bosch emergency assistant or rescue workers sent to the scene of the accident.

How can I make sure nobody else accesses my Vivatar drive profile?

The data of the emergency profile are stored only on your smartphone and are only forwarded to the Bosch emergency call assistant in an emergency. In your own interest: please protect your smartphone sufficiently so that nobody else has access to it.

Why does Vivatar drive need a call permission for my phone?

For reasons of data protection Vivatar drive requires a call permission for your telephone, so that the emergency assistant can call you in case of an accident.

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