Police officer, paramedic and firefighter riding in the back seat in the red car. With Vivatar drive, first aid is always right there.

Vivatar drive - the emergency call system for the fastest first aid


Vivatar - the personal guardian angel for on the move

Young woman jumping with her bike while driving downhill.

Vivatar go - safety at the push of a button

Vivatar accompanies you in your everyday life

Whether you're traveling alone in a new city at night, driving to Spain by car on holiday, or mastering some of the challenges of off-world sports, your concern for personal safety is a constant companion. Vivatar from Bosch is the answer to this and supports you in your daily and extraordinary adventures: on foot, by bike and in the car - in eleven European countries.

The Vivatar app and the Bluetooth button Vivatar go accompany you on foot or on the bike, by sharing your location with your friends and family or starting the emergency countdown for a certain period of time, if you feel unsafe. We are also at your side in the car: Vivatar drive is the retrofit SOS call — for you and your family. In case of an accident, it ensures that first aid is dispatched immediately and automatically, in Germany and on Europe's roads.

Please note that Vivatar only works for users of a German mobile service provider.

Our solutions for more safety on foot

Vivatar App, a young scared woman on her way home at night

Many know the feeling of insecurity when traveling alone at night. The last victimization survey of the German Federal Criminal Police Office showed that the feeling of insecurity among women has increased. More than half of the women interviewed even change their behavior in everyday life in order not to fall victim to a crime.

Innovative solutions like Vivatar can both help reduce the daily feeling of insecurity and save lives.

Solutions for bikers and cyclists

Vivatar go - fast help in case of an emergency

Whether shortly before the steep trip or just to go shopping in the city. The number of bicycle accidents rose again in 2018. In an emergency, a few minutes can make all the difference.

Our solution for car drivers

Vivatar drive - the rescue workers are immediately informed about the location of the accident

Safety in the car, whether on the move in the city, on a countryroad or on the highway, plays an important role for Bosch - both at home and abroad. In 2018, there were over 300,000 accidents on German roads, with nearly 400,000 injuries.

That you should know

Vivatar drive is currently only available to users of German mobile networks. If a call for help is made, you will be charged network provider for the landline tariff and, if applicable, for text messages for transmitting your emergency data and GPS position (if there is no data connection). In order to enjoy full functionality, a 3G data connection is necessary.

Continued use of GPS in the background can significantly reduce battery life.

Do you want to know how we keep your data safe and secure? You can find out more here.

All further information can be found in the FAQ.

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