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Vivatar - the smart everyday companion for you and your family

Whether you are traveling alone at night in an unfamiliar area in Rome, mastering sports challenges in the French alps, or are simply interested in when your partner will be home after work – virtual proximity and knowing others are OK often take a back seat. At the same time, constantly inquiring and reassuring yourself can be exhausting in the long run. This is exactly where Vivatar can help to simplify day-to-day communication – available in eleven european countries.

The free app informs you via a push message about the current status and location of your closest contacts and via a sharing function lets you accompany them in real time. If you are feeling insecure yourself, you can share your location with them, let them accompany you, and trigger the danger countdown in an emergency. So Vivatar gives you certainty and puts an end to the constant question “Where are you now?” And if your loved ones can’t be reached, our staff will be there for you around the clock, no matter, if you are calling from Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy or Spain. Please mind that Vivatar is only available for users of German mobile service providers.

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Always by your side: the Bosch Emergency Assistants

Whenever you feel like losing ground or just are in need of an open ear - we are here for you! The Bosch Emergency Assistants will locate your location in Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy or Spain, give you professional tips and stay with you until you feel safe again. And if it really comes to an emergency, they handle the communication with the emergency control center, so all relevant measures will be initiated in order to provide you on-site support as soon as possible.

24/7 professional assistance and location in case of emergency
Telephone support until you feel safe again
Emergency passport with your health information
Available from eleven Western European countries
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The security of your data matters as well
We take great care to protect your data and your privacy

You decide what and how much you share with your contacts -
and in case of an emergency with us - and which actions you accept

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Your Vivatar team

Who developed the Vivatar companion and emergency app?


Vivatar is a newly developed product from Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH. We develop innovative and digital solutions for improved health and safety. Our goal is to help shape the digital future with the appropriate intelligent products.

Take a look at our job opportunities and become part of the team at  bosch-career.de.




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