You will always feel safe with Vivatar, because your friends accompany you.


Destination- or time-based accompanying

Thanks to GPS location sharing, you can show your friends how far you have gotten on your journey or how long you still need until you arrive.


Activity logbook

You can chat with your friends while en route to stay in contact and keep them updated.


Two-minute danger countdown

If you activate the delayed distress signal when approaching a potentially dangerous place, your  preferred companion will be automatically notified, when the time is up.


Premium Service

€ 4,99 per month


Premium Service

€ 4,99 per month


Professional assistance for all life situations.

The Bosch Emergency Service is available around the clock and will organize your rescue in an emergency. You will be given personalized and tailored assistance on the basis of your emergency passport containing health data and details of your contact people.Our premium service is currently only available in Germany in English and German.

Give a gift of safety.

You can make the lives of your nearest and dearest safer with a Vivatar premium coupon. Simply purchase a premium subscription and the coupons within the app.

Invented for life.

Vivatar is an innovation of Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH. We develop innovative digital solutions for better health and greater safety. We aim to play a part in shaping the digital future by providing suitable intelligent products.

Take a look at our vacancies and become a part of the team on bosch-career.de.

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FAQ Basic

Data Security

Vivatar needs access to your contacts list so that you can invite your friends as companions.

We need access to your telephone so that you can call your companions from the app.

Your location is only transmitted when you actively start an accompaniment. Within that period, your companion can see your location and accompany you.

Protecting your personal data is very important to us. GPS data is transmitted in real time during an accompaniment and deleted thereafter.

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Product Questions

With Vivatar, your friends can accompany you on your way home or if you are out and about and feel unsafe. With just one touch, you can easily inform them of where and how you are. Your companions only see your location for the duration of the accompaniment, if you choose. Data security is a top priority for us.

Vivatar gives you and your loved ones a feeling of security. Your location is only transmitted for the duration of the accompaniment. Data security is a top priority for us.

Our team is there to help you and will be happy to hear your ideas and suggested improvements. Please send a message to support@vivatar.com.

All you need for the installation is your own cell phone number.

Vivatar can only be downloaded in German app stores. But you can use the companion feature also in other countries.

If you have a Vivatar Premium user account, you can also contact the Bosch Emergency Service Center as a companion.

In cases of bad GPS reception and data connection, the signal may become weaker. In the worst-case scenario, the connection might cut out.

You can use Vivatar as of operating systems Android 4.2 and iOS 7.

After uninstalling Vivatar, your basic account will be automatically deleted after two years. If you prefer an immediate deletion of your account, please contact the support team at support@vivatar.com.

Your Basic account is based on your cell phone number. This means you can only use that account together with that cell phone number. You can, of course, use Vivatar on several cell phones with different Basic accounts.

Vivatar recognizes when you get a new number. A validation message containing a code is then sent to the number.

If you get a new cell phone with the same telephone number, nothing changes for you. However, if you have a new cell phone with a new telephone number, you need to reinstall Vivatar.

Vivatar needs around 30 MB on an Android operating system.

Restart Vivatar. If that doesn’t solve the problem, restart your cell phone. If you are still having problems after that, contact our Customer Support department: support@vivatar.com.

The terms and conditions can be found in the menu bar under Legal notice.

Yes, you need an Internet connection in order to be accompanied. The GPS transmission and chat function are exchanged via mobile data.


Yes, your friends should also have Vivatar installed on their cell phones. That way, your friends can use all the functions of Vivatar and accompany you. In addition, you can also accompany your friends in return.

There are two types of accompaniment: “Accompany me to my destination” and “Accompany me for a while.” Both types of accompaniment have a time limit. Your companions are informed when this is reached.

In principle, anyone you have given permission to who has installed Vivatar can accompany you. Your companion can see your route and follow your GPS location.

Vivatar informs you of their exact last location. This should help you to either investigate the whereabouts of the person you are accompanying yourself or to request professional assistance.

FAQ Premium

Yes, you need a user account for Vivatar Premium. Register with your e-mail address to obtain one.

With Vivatar Test-Premium, you can try out Vivatar Premium free of charge for 30 days.

With Vivatar Premium, you can send an emergency call to the Bosch Emergency Service Center. This contains your contact data, emergency ID, and location. With this information, you can receive quick help from experts in an emergency.

Yes, you receive a confirmation e-mail from us if your registration is successful.

You can have your password reset and create a new one.

You can use Vivatar Premium immediately following your purchase.

If you enter your data incorrectly, you will not receive an activation link from us. Try again or contact our Customer Support department: support@vivatar.com.

You need credit on your cell phone to call the Bosch Emergency Service Center. In addition, you may be charged by your mobile network provider.

No, you do not necessarily need an Internet connection. In an emergency, your data will also be sent as an SMS.

Protecting your personal data is very important to us. Your personal user and health data is stored locally on your cell phone and is only transmitted in an emergency. GPS data during an accompaniment is transmitted in real time and placed in intermediate back-end storage.

There are two types of accompaniment: “Accompany me to my destination” and “Accompany me for a while.” With Vivatar Premium, the Bosch Emergency Service Center is informed once the time limit is reached. A Bosch Emergency Service Center agent will contact you and organize help if required.

The emergency profile data is only stored on your smartphone and will only be forwarded to our Vivatar assistants in an emergency. Please ensure that no one has access to your smartphone by protecting it with a password.