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Your companion and emergency app

Get home safely with Vivatar

With your free Vivatar companion app your loved ones can navigate you home safely and accompany you on the way. Simply install the app for free from the Google Play Store and/or the Apple App Store and decide whether you want to be accompanied on your way home or also be a companion yourself.

Vivatar connects you with the people who are important to you. At the same time, you connect with the people that you are important to. Your free companion app gives you and your loved ones a sense of security whenever you happen to be travelling alone.

With Vivatar, you’ll be together when travelling alone


On a dangerous bike ride in the woods, after a long evening at a club with friends, in the car or on the way home from school: Thanks to Vivatar and the accompaniment of a friend, your girlfriend or boyfriend or your parents, it is ensured that you arrive safe and sound together when you're alone.

How does Vivatar,
the companion and emergency app, work?

After a quick and easy installation, the Vivatar guide takes you to the dashboard in just a few steps. There you have the possibility to add new groups (family, friends, acquaintances). You can then ask the members of those groups to accompany you and, in turn, you may receive requests for accompaniment from them.

It can be to any destination or for a certain period of time. Just tell the app where you want to go and who from your groups should stay by your side during the trip. If you like, you can also be accompanied without having a specific destination in mind.

Maybe you're asking yourself the question "How is my current location determined?“:

After your accompaniment request has been accepted by someone within your group, your companion can see your exact and current position. This is determined without having to share your location again. You can also chat with one another in real time. If you're feeling alone, uneasy or you have the feeling you're being followed on the way home, for example, you can inform your companion immediately.

The advantages of your companion
and emergency app

With Vivatar you give your loved ones and yourself especially peace of mind. Vivatar, the companion and emergency app , is the virtual guardian angel for your family, relatives and friends.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Free companion and emergency app
  • In accordance with Bosch data privacy & security standards
  • 2-minute danger countdown
  • Determines your exact current location
  • Destination-based or time-based accompaniment
  • Your personal safety is increased
  • Activity logbook / chat function

Vivatar as an emergency app in dangerous situations

The 2-minute danger countdown

You can turn on the 2-minute danger countdown if you find yourself in a particularly uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation. Vivatar is therefore also your emergency app. The danger countdown informs your companion that special attention is required at that particular moment. If the danger persists, you can extend the danger countdown as often as you deem necessary.

As soon as the danger countdown has expired, your companion will automatically be called and the speaker phone function of your smartphone activated*. Your companion can then listen to what is happening in your immediate surroundings.

If you feel safe again while the danger countdown is still running, it can be cancelled at any time.

*This function is currently only available for Android operating systems. For iOS devices, your companion will receive a notification on his or her smartphone.

Vivatar go – help at the touch
of a button

  • 1x
    locate your cell phone and test function
  • 2x
    inform your emergency group incl. location
  • Keep pressed trigger emergency call

Vivatar go a glance

  • Bluetooth button for activating the app quickly and discreetly
  • Also functions without Vivatar accompaniment
  • Your smartphone can stay in your bag
  • Only available in Germany and for Android devices (version 4.4 and higher)

Valentine's Day – special

Still looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved one? We got something very special for you! Buy the Vivatar go by February 28, 2018 for only €19.99 including 6 months of Vivatar premium for free and provide a feeling of security!

The emergency app premium service


In special situations, the Bosch Emergency Assistant from Vivatar is also at your beck and call. This service is available around the clock and, in the event of an emergency, it arranges for your rescue. With the help of your personal emergency passport containing your health information and contact persons, you will receive targeted support. Our premium service is currently available in Germany in German and English.


With the Vivatar premium voucher, you can make the life of your loved ones safer. You can easily purchase the premium subscription and vouchers via the app.


The premium service, offering professional assistance for your loved ones in any situation, costs only €4.99 per month.

24/7 professional help in an emergency


Professionally trained Bosch employees are available for you 24/7 and will arrange for your rescue in case of an emergency.

Support from a Bosch Emergency Assistant


A Bosch Emergency Assistant is at your side to accompany you to a safe place. In doing so, he or she sees where you are.

Emergency passport with your health information


Your data (pre-existing conditions, allergies) is sent to the Bosch Emergency Assistant in case of an emergency.

Further help, such as emergency pharmacies on duty

Vivatar basic

Your free companion and emergency app

  • Activity & location sharing
  • Chat function
  • 2-minute danger countdown
  • In accordance with Bosch data privacy & security standards
  • 24/7 professional help in an emergency
  • Support from a Bosch Emergency Assistant
  • Emergency passport with your health information
  • Further help, such as emergency pharmacies on duty

Vivatar basic: free of charge

Vivatar premium

Upgrade of the companion app

  • Activity & location sharing
  • Chat function
  • 2-minute danger countdown
  • In accordance with Bosch data privacy & security standards
  • 24/7 professional help in an emergency
  • Support from a Bosch Emergency Assistant
  • Emergency passport with your health information
  • Further help, such as emergency pharmacies on duty

Your Vivatar team

Who developed the Vivatar companion and emergency app?

Vivatar is a newly developed product from Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH. We develop innovative and digital solutions for improved health and safety. Our goal is to help shape the digital future with the appropriate intelligent products.

Take a look at our job opportunities and become part of the team at  bosch-career.de.

Recommend Vivatar to your friends, acquaintances and family and accompany and be accompanied on all of life's adventures!